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Prophets of the Bible continued
Posted On 05/18/2017 19:33:21 by EllieDunn

Prophet's of the Bible  Continued:

Samuel:  1 Samuel 3:

Samuel is the first Prophet, two books are named after him in the Bible, but he's only mentioned in the firs book of Samuel  There are twelve interesting facts about him.  1.  His birth was considered a miracle (His mother, Hanna, is unable to conceive, but God answer her prayer, when she prays to have a child).  2. His name means "Name of God." 3. He is from the tribe of Levi.  4.  He's the last Judge  (after Samuel, Israel is led by Kings).  5.  He anointed the first two kings of Israel, Saul and David.  6.  He is the first Prophet.  7.  He was a Priest.  8.  He was a Nazarite.  9.  Out of all the prophet's, he is the only ghost mentioned in the Bible (brought up from his rest at the request of Saul).  10.  It is claimed that he led the greatest passover (2 Chronicles 35:18).  11.  In Psalms 99:6, Samuel is remember for his prayers, being placed beside Moses and Aaron.  And like Moses and Aaron called upon the Lord's name.  12.,  Samuel was called by God, twice.

His death was reported to be at 52 years of age, according to the classical Rabbinical sources, in Ramah.

Shemaiah:  1 Kings 12:

Very little is said about Shemaiah.  He was a prophet during the time of Rehoboam.  This past January 8, He was venerated as a saint, by the liturgical calendar of the Eastern Orthodox Church.  (I'm assuming it was this year, because the year is not given in the date).

The intervention of Shemaiah prevented a war, according to the books of Kings and Chronicles.  The war was between Rehoboam and Jeroboam.  It was also made known that he prophesied the punishment meted out to Rehoboam, by king Shishak, of Egypt.

Silas:  Acts 15:

Silas in Acts is also known as Silvanus mentioned in 2 Corinthians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, and 1 Peter.  Acts 15 first mentions him as one of the "leading men,"  among the Christians, better known as brethren.  His birth place was not really known, but it's recorded as possibly in Rome.  His death is recorded to have happened in 50 AD.  He was an early Christian prophet and missionary.  He was also a companion of Apostle Paul.

Simeon Niger:  Acts 13:

In the Bible, it tells of Simeon's visit by the Holy Spirit.  He was told that he would not die until after he had seen the Messiah (Lord's Christ). 

Upon seeing Jesus, he took him in his arms and said a prayer, that is still used liturgically (Latin Nunc dimittis) in many Christian churches.  He is the one who gave the prophecy alluding to the crucifixion of Jesus.

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