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Prophets of the Bible continued
Posted On 05/17/2017 19:17:35 by EllieDunn

Prophet's of the Bible Continued:

Obadiah:  Obadiah 1:

The name Obadiah means "servant of God.  Obadiah is one of the 12 minor prophets, and announced a judgment against Edom, because of it's actions against Judah and Jerusalem.   Edom was gloating over the fact that Judah was destroyed by Babylon around 587 BCE.

Obadiah is a very short book, found in the Old Testament.  It is the fourth book of the minor prophets.  It gives the classic prophetic vision of judgment and hope.  It is said to have been written after the downfall of Jerusalem.  It is also said, that he was a servant of Ahab.

He was chosen to prophecy, because he was the one, who had supposedly hidden one hundred prophets from Jezebel's persecution.

Oded:  2 Chronicles 28:

Nothing much is said about Oded, except that he is a prophet, in the Hebrew Bible.  He's from Samaria, he met the army of Israel, that were returning the captives from Judah.  He's the only prophet that did not address a king, because there was no king in Northern Israel.  Read more about him in 2 Chronicles 28:9-11.

Philip (The Evangelist):  Acts 8:

Philip appears several times in the book of Acts.  He was one of the seven appointed by the apostles.  He was to take care of the Christian community, and to also look after the widows and the needy (Acts 6:1-6).  He preached and performed miracles (Acts 8:4-6).  He converted Simon, a magician, who thought he could buy his power from God.

Philip, who received a message from an angel, was to meet a man from Ethiopia, in Gaza, who was inspired by him (Philip) to be baptized  (Acts 8:26-39).  He lived in Caesarea (Acts 21:8)  He also had four single daughters, who also had the gift of prophecy (Acts 21:9).

Paul (the Apostle):  Acts 9:

Paul is know as St. Paul.  Before he converted he was known for his persecution against earlier disciples.  He was born a Roman citizen in A.D. 6.  Studied the Torah in Jerusalem and becomes a Pharisee (20-30 AD).  Persecutes followers of Jesus of Nazareth in Jerusalem and Judea (30-33AD).

He is converted on his way to Damascus. Goes to Arabia for three years, then returns to Damascus, to preach about Jesus the Messiah, only to flee later, due to persecution.  He is known for his works in Missionary fields. 

He returns to Jerusalem, where he is arrested, he appears before Festus, appeals to Caeser, returns to Rome, where he is martyred.

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