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Prophets of the Bible continued
Posted On 05/15/2017 19:07:50 by EllieDunn

Prophet's of the Bible continued:

Lucius:  Acts 13:

Lucius was one of the founders of the Antioch Church  The others were  Manaen (a childhood friend of Herod the ruler) and Saul (Paul).  It is believed that he was the first bishop of Cyrene.

There is another Lucius mentioned in the Bible in Romans (16:21), but It is not known, for sure if it's Lucius of Acts, but this Lucius (in Romans) is known as a friend of Evangelist Luke.

Malachi:  Malachi 1:

The message Malachi delivered to the ancient people of God, was for our day.  It includes a prophecy, a warning, and of another messenger to come.

God said, "Return to me, and I will return to you"  (Malachi 3:7).

The book of Malachi is the last book of the Prophets section.  That also makes it the last book in the Old Testament of the English Bible.  In the Hebrew Bible Malachi means "My messenger."

Manahen: Acts 13:

Manahen was a teacher at the Antioch church, a first century Christian.  Little is known about his life.  According to the Acts of the Apostles, he was one of the prophets and teachers who, laid hands upon Saul (Paul) and Barnabas, led by the Holy Spirit.

It is said, that he was 'brought up' with Herod the tetrah.  Translations of the Bible describes him as the "foster brother' of Herod, or was a 'life long' friend.

Micah:  Micah 1:

Micah was a prophet in Judaism.  He prophesied from 737 to 696 BC in Judah.  He is one of the twelve minor prophets of the Hebrew Bible.  He was a contemporary of the prophets Isaiah, Amos, and Hosea.  He is from southeast Judah.  He prophesied in the reigns of kings Jatham, Ahaz, and Hezekia of Judah.

His Messages were toward Jerusalem.  He prophesied about the future distruction of Jerusalem and Samaria.  Also toward the destruction and restoration of Judean state.  He spoke out against the people of Judah for their dishonesty and Idolatry.  His Prophecy of the Messiah's birth in Bethlehem, is in the Gospel of Matthew.

Micaiah: 1 Kings 22:

He is a prophet in the Hebrew Bible, not to be confused with Micah.  There is nothing much on Micaiah, but he did prophecy on the death of Ahab.  Read 1 Kings 22.

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