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The True Fast
Posted On 05/07/2017 22:44:19 by PastorZomok

Chapter 58 of the Book of Isaiah is not just for the time that the prophet Isaiah spoke.  It is for the Lord's people in all history.

It is clear from the text that God is not content by those who merely abstain from food and wine and then go on with a host of selfish behavior.  It is clear from the text that many were abstaining from food but still acting unkind and selfish.  The people were not abstaining from sinful acts to any degree.  Fasting (abstaining) from food can be good for the body as some medical studies indicate.  It can cleanse the inner body but abstaining from regular activities can also be good too. Abstaining from self is good because it can give us more time to think about others.  Unplug the television for a day and do something different.

In the scriptures true fasting was meant to be accompanied with seeking justice and God's will.  Prayer is suppose to be part of fasting!  As Christians we are suppose to make an effort to do these good things daily but fasting can help us be more focused. Fasting from self and helping others has rewards.

This is something to think on....

Pastor Zomok

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