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Mega Churches and Christian Singles
Posted On 12/14/2016 03:02:49 by joshgreentree

Being single in church can be tough. Many struggle with the question "Why am I single?" To make matters worse, most churches are geared towards married couples, which can leave singles feeling invisible with no where to turn. If you're lucky, you may attend a large church with a thriving singles ministry but those are rare to come by. If your church does have a singles ministry sometimes they can create pressure to connect with others because everyone is single. Finding other Christian singles to date can sometimes be hard work. However, we must stay focused on that goal in order to become equally yoked. We must be careful not to compromise by dating a non-believer. Evangelism dating (where you date someone to win them for Christ) is not recommended because they could just as easily win you over to their non-Christian beliefs. Flatirons Church is an example of a mega church where it can be difficult to get connected. 

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12/16/2016 18:42:37

Thanks Ellie...yea, it's tough for many singles

12/14/2016 16:00:34

You are so right!  Our Church has well over a thousand members.  One year, our Pastor stated, We would have to involve the FBI to hunt for them, lol!  Though there is over a thousand members, only around 600 attend Church Service most Sundays.....

We have this kind of group meeting that you speak of here, along with Parents without Partners...

It's sad, that smaller Churches can't have something like this for the young and single....

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