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Inner Sanctum
Posted On 09/16/2016 21:13:34 by PastorZomok

                                                                  The Dreaded Presence


Many years ago I had a dream of living in an old farm house in a somewhat isolated area. Although I often dream in color this one was in dramatic Black &White.  The dream did not have a great amount of detail except I was aware of this awful presence.  I wandered around the house looking out the windows with a feeling of dread.  Something powerful was putting pressure on me and it permeated everything.  It weighed heavily on my soul and I felt doomed. I also even felt anger toward this presence but I could not get myself to identify it.  What a dream!


Over the years I came to realize that the dreadful presence was none other than God! And I was feeling his totally holy presence.  The feeling of dread is the shame one feels when in the presence of the utter holiness of the Lord.  God has his eyes on us all but we often close him off as we move about in our daily chores.


If we look back in the scriptures we see several instances where some experience the presence of God in dream or vision.  These are generally with a sense of awe or dread.  Job has such an experience in Job chapter 7, verse 14.  Knowing that God is looking at you can give one a very uncomfortable feeling of guilt.  This is one reason the ancient priest washed their hands and feet before they entered the Inner Sanctuary of the ancient tabernacle.  Thankfully we are now washed by the blood of Jesus.


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09/19/2016 15:46:47

God's Presence is everywhere.....You may not see, but you can feel....Sometimes I'm in Awe of His presence, and other times, I feel humbled, not worthy of His love, and still there is that dread, the guilt, of knowing a wrong (sin) was commited.....

Praise His Holy Name!

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