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Revelation 20 and John 10:27-28
Posted On 07/27/2016 14:17:40 by PastorZomok

There are a variety of views concerning the "Millennium" which is hinted at in the very symbolic book of Revelation and its chapter 20.  I have, since about, 1990 frowned upon the dominate "endtimes" and "rapture" teachings and have favored  Amillennialism.  This is the position that the church age is the Millennium.  The 1000 years is not an exact 1000 years but a period of completion before the last day, at the singular second coming of the messiah Yeshua.  It must be understood that the scriptures use numbers sometimes in special ways.  A good example is in Psalm 50 where 1000 represents "all".  Another number is 490 (7 times 70) found in Matthew 18:22, where Jesus is telling us to "keep on" forgiving...  With this all stated, I will now go on...

In Revelation 20 it mentions what is dubbed the "first resurrection".  I think this is the Christian experience of being born again.  When a person believes in Jesus their spirit is reborn/or quickened.  As Jesus indicated when speaking to Nicodemus (John 3--).  What is born of flesh is flesh, what is born of spirit is spirit. A person comes to life when they have faith in the true messiah (John 4:14). Some of the language is similar in Rev. 20.  One can also argue that there is but one general physical resurrection in the end, so the first resurrection must be spiritual, where the believer, whether alive physically or sleeping in the grave, is now partaking extra life.  Sleeping in the grave a true Christian experiences a good dream period where their spirit is alive to God.  A non-Christian is simply nothing.  Remember Romans 6:23...where it plainly tells us that it is either Death or Life.  And do not forget that people do not have a naturally immortal "soul"as only God is naturally immortal (1 Timothy 6:16).  Many today confuse "soul" and "spirit"and also think they have some sort of platonic soul, but actually the soul is the complete person...body and spirit.  The modern church is sadly a mix of Bible and Gnostic teaching...

This all fits so wonderfully with John 10:27-28...My sheep hear my voice and follow, I give them eternal life, they shall no more perish.  They can not be taken from my hand... This tells us that even if the true believer suffers physical death they are still alive to God.  They have "come to life" (Rev. 20) and partake in some of the higher things even if it is not completely seen now.

pastor Zomok

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07/27/2016 15:49:06

A resounding AMEN! is going up!!

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