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A True Man.
Posted On 06/16/2016 00:51:30 by ChristnMe


Jesus has always been looked to as a reflection of what a true man of God is to be. Yet, in God’s wisdom, Jesus did not encompass all that a man in this world has the ability and availability to be. Jesus was indeed a leader, servant, and a teacher and exemplifies what all men who want to be “true-blue” should strive to be. We have been given a broad stroke as it were to the offices of men and with actual scenarios, see how Jesus set an example of administering these offices. But a man can be more, even though Paul states his preference to be single-minded to the things of God saying, “Now to the unmarried and widows I say this: It is good for them to remain unmarried, as I am” - 1 Corth. 7:8. For God there is no preference but only purpose, so long as the man serves Him. Even prophets married and had families. God even used marriage as a metaphor of Israel’s faithlessness and how it deeply hurt Him as it hurt the prophet Hosea, but with a righteous attitude, Hosea accepted this and dealt with it appropriately. God by His righteous attitude dealt a blow to Israel for their unrighteousness by giving them an attitude adjustment - Hosea.

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