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Simple baptism formula?
Posted On 04/08/2016 22:44:13 by PastorZomok


In Acts 2:38 we hear Peter telling folks that they must repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ. For some reason I felt more moved today to write on this.  I have always been against the church complicating doctrines and adding and subtracting.  Much of the modern church is chained down with mixes of Gnostic doctrine and nonsense about "hell".  This issue about baptism is also a controversy to some extent.

One webpage implied that the "oneness" groups think it is fine to baptise in the name of Jesus only but say the true formula (or statement) is stated by Jesus in Matthew 28 along with the Great Commission, where it mentions Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. For some reason I have generally overlooked what was stated by Peter in Acts 2:38, but now it takes on a new interest.  

I am neither a "oneness" pusher or a "trinity" pusher, instead I favor an Elohim doctrine.  The God of both Old and New Testaments is the same.  God is a plurality of majesties, powers, and personalities, hence Elohim.  There is oneness in the sense of one purpose.  

At this point I think it is alright to baptise a person in the name of Jesus Christ as Christ represents the whole.  If you have the Son, you also have the Father.  I also think it would be fine to baptise (immersed) a person in the name of the "God of the Bible".  Why not keep it simple?

pastor Zomok

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