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God bless you
Posted On 06/12/2015 05:23:20 by pink_angel

I want to apologise for not being on here as often as I once was..I have been in extreme pain 24/7..today I had an mri plus 5 xrays of my back done..they said it looks like an stress fracture of the pelvic bone :( but still unsure until I actually speak with my dr. I will try to be on here a lot more when able..until then I pray joy and love for all..God bless you and yours always in all ways :)


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05/02/2018 23:04:05

OMG! You can visit the some special doctors and tack care of yourself GOD is always with you and my prayers is also. Today after the dissertation services classes then all students and teachers are together and prayer for your health.

10/07/2015 16:22:14

Just get well, and we will survive till you can rejoin us on a regular bases.

Let us hope in Him who gives us life.

06/24/2015 00:49:11

Cross your arms across your chest and speak aloud the following prayer.

In the name of Jesus, I am now healthy, well, healed, and whole. Thank you Jesus.

Another prayer to speak aloud at least 40 times each day.

In the name of Jesus, I am getting better and better every day in every way. Thank you Jesus.

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