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Make Your Marriage Top Priority!
Posted On 05/27/2015 04:11:44 by joshgreentree

As married people know, most couples don't tie the knot and live happily ever after. With the divorce rate at roughly 50% for believers and non-believers alike, it's clear that marriage can be tough work. While there are many reasons for this high divorce rate, one of the main ones is people not prioritizing their marriage like other things in their life. For example, think of how much time is spent surfing the internet, watching TV, or cultivating hobbies compared to how much time is spent cultivating one's marriage. The contrast is usually staggering. Couples spend the least amount of time, money, and energy investing in their marriage and then become surprised when things don't go well. Since we are all fallen by nature, every married couple needs to continually be reminded of healthy, God-honoring approaches in their marriage that will lead them into relational bliss as He intended. To facilitate this, all couples should annually read Christian marriage books and attend Christian marriage retreats to give their marriage the proper attention and care it deserves. For some couples, all they need is a retreat to revive their marriage. For others, it's only the beginning to their recovery process. For those couples, seeing a qualified marriage counselor is often imperative to help them work through areas of resentment and frustration. As most people know, physical intimacy can be a top concern for couples and learning how to cultivate oneness in body, soul, and spirit is essential for a healthy marriage. When a couple doesn't fully cleave in this way it leaves them vulnerable to getting those needs met elsewhere. Here's a great guide to cultivating Christian sex within marriage.

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