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..be as little children....
Posted On 05/06/2015 05:45:41 by PastorZomok

The scriptures tell us, in Matthew 18:3, "Then he said, "I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven".  Some read this text and think Yeshua is saying we must be simple like children and blindly accept things with a basic faith, however, this is not what Yeshua meant at all. A parallel text is found inMatthew 10:16, where the messiah tells us to be as wise as serpents but innocent as doves.  Here the doves are said to be innocent.  Children are also innocent.  Children are also usually humble, sweet, and gentle.  This is actually what Matthew 18:4 says.  Children are not as wise as adults but obviously the Bible is not suggesting we be simple minded.  Children are generally short also and no one would suggest that Yeshua was suggesting we should be short...

The Bible promotes the highest of wisdom.  Just a brief reading of a small part of Proverbs would prove this.  There are no real contradictions within the Word of God, although we can see paradoxes, but when a person does a study of the facts they will find that these are cleared up quickly. Amen!!

pastor Zomok

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