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Bible Faith is not blind
Posted On 01/04/2015 15:23:21 by PastorZomok

It seems that in the general world, and even in the church, there exists this perception that FAITH is both blind and at odds with reason.  Granted that different sorts of faith exist but Biblical Faith is based on facts and is not at odds with reason.  A Faith (or trust) in God is trusting in God's solid and good nature.  Abraham's Faith in God was also based on his experience.  He followed the Lord's word to him and seen that God guided him.  Abraham also seen that God gave Sarah a son, despite her great age. Abraham's Faith in the Lord was akin to a person trusting that a strong bridge will hold up over the water below.  This sort of Faith (or trust) is neither blind, nor opposed to reason.  It is a Faith in Facts even if the eyes don't see it all at the start.  The inner heart can still perceive what is coming.  Abraham was looking forward to the golden city with permanent foundations, which the Lord builds. (Hebrews 11:10).  

Earlier I pointed out that Biblical Faith is not abstract but is supportive.  It always has a flowering of good works.  Works don't save but true Faith always has buds of goodness sprouting out of.  Paul and James both had Abrahamic Faith in mind ... I hope I have cleared up some understanding about Faith..

Pastor Zomok

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