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The Bill Cosby Controversy
Posted On 12/02/2014 00:41:38 by PastorZomok

 "You must not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you are called to testify in a dispute, do not be swayed by the crowd to twist justice. --Exodus 23:2 

Lately  (and I am sure at least some of you have heard) there has been a number of allegations claiming that comedian Bill Cosby has committed some crimes ranging from the petty to as serious as rape.  These are supposed to have taken place rather long ago. As a Christian believer and with some knowledge of human behavior I believe these claims against Cosby are groundless.  First, if someone has committed a serious crime the victim would not just remain silent and then years latter start hollering about it.  This is not the way things work generally. Not only this after the first person made claims against Cosby then others followed.  This is nothing more than copy-cats trying to get something going. Standing for justice we can't just blindly believe accusations against another person.  Where are the two or more witnesses? And where is the genuine evidence?  What is really going on?

Over the years Bill Cosby has urged young black people to behave and speak right, as well as be responsible. The accusations are an attempt to silence Cosby for telling blacks to get their act together, pull their pants up, stop killing each other, speak proper English and so on.  Cosby has been somewhat vocal in telling them to stop playing the victim and some can't stand this.  This is probably at the roots of the accusations.

Pastor Zomok


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