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Israel and the right to defense
Posted On 08/08/2014 02:06:45 by PastorZomok

A friend of mine recently sent me a mail concerning Israel and it's right of self-defense.  Here is the answer I sent back:

"I overlooked your mail (name removed) because I have been so busy. You might have thought that I don't care. I too support the little Jewish state of Israel, but it is not because of anything connected to Bible prophecy.  I do not view "Jews" as some sort of special "Israelites" nor do I think 1948 is some sort of regathering date. Modern Israel is no bigger than our American state of Connecticut and it is smaller than King Solomons Israel of 3 thousand years ago.  It is really nothing more than a small portion of Judah.  With this said, I do support it just the same as there were both Jews and Christians in the area of Jerusalem long before Islam even started. Both Christians and Jews can rightfully claim that land as both have a heritage and roots there.  By adoptions we inherit the all that Abraham and Jacob received and more. If you are Christ's than you are Abraham's seed...(Galatians 3:29).

I should add: as far as race and decent goes we also have connections to the near East as well as the Arabic people do.  People for thousands of years have moved in and out of the area.  Historically speaking one could even view Christianity as a branch of Judaism...the true branch...that grew large.  When my Mayflower ancestors came upon the American shores they were simply a small little branch of the family of Abraham and Jacob finally settling in the far west.  They were merely a distant branch of the westward trek started by Abraham 4 thousand years ago. Bless your fellow Christians and you will be blessing Israel!

As indicated already, in other places, most Israelites were never known as Jews.  The Jews were just a remnant branch of the Judah people that were brought back under Ezra and Nehemiah, with some mixtures of other tribes, but both Christians and modern Jews, can claim a heritage and cultural connection with this branch.  The whole New Testament is witness to this.  It was written between 50 and 95 AD by Jewish converts that lived in both Judea and Asia Minor, long before Mohammed ever combed a camel.  Anyone that thinks the little nation of modern Israel has no right to defend itself is not right in the head."


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