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GIVE when you have little
Posted On 08/27/2013 05:31:12 by PastorZomok


In 1 Kings 17:7-16 we read of a dry spell in the land of Israel and the Lord prompts Elijah to enter the Sidonian village of Zarephath and to connect with a special widow women and to minister to her. He does as the spirit so prompts him and at the gate he runs into a widow and asks her for bread and water. She laments to Elijah that she has almost nothing save a handful of meal and a container with a small amount of oil.  Elijah tells her that the pot of meal and the container of oil will last until the rains come back. After they speak briefly she agrees to help Elijah despite the little she and her son have to eat and share. She soon found that the little she had was lasting for days.  

This women was willing to share the small amount that she had and showed her generous nature.  God rewarded her by adding to what she had.  She gave and it was given unto her (see Luke 6:38).  Elijah stayed with this widow and her son for a time and other great things took place but I bring this up because it is important to realize that God rewards the generous giver and provides.  I don't know if God actually multiplied what she had and a miracle akin to the multiplying of the loaves took place or that she simply found more meal and oil but because she was kindly toward Elijah things fell into a pattern for good.  The lesson here is that one should give and be helpful even if they have little to give.

Pastor Zomok

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