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Merry Christmas
Posted On 12/24/2011 18:03:48 by admin

Very ironic that nearly ALL my non-Christian friends have wished me and my family Merry Christmas, yet, only the Christians have chosen to use the politically correct term 'Happy Holidays' instead.

Certain elements, the very ones who put Christ to the cross, adopted a clever ploy to slowly phase out Christ from memory. First by using the letter 'X' instead of the word 'Christ' in Christmas and then they went further and decided to change the term altogether to 'Happy Holidays' which in generations to come, can mean anything - that is what they want and Christians are falling for it... how sad!


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12/31/2011 19:14:03

I'm one of the "obnoxious" ones who goes around saying "Merry Christmas"!  And I try not to get exasperated when I hear "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings".  I am more than happy to be politically incorrect for my LORD who died for a sinner such as me!!! 

12/29/2011 18:23:58

You are right, although I know a few that have used "Xmas" as a word pointing toward the Cross of Christ. I wish they would not do this because no one knows what they are trying to point out anyways.  

Happy New Year... 

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