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To Be or ?not?
Posted On 11/20/2011 01:27:35 by SWAM


Are you walking in the volume

Of the book written for you

The one He already walked out for you

To Be

Jesus said “I AM”

Has your self-esteem

Consumed you to “I do”

And you longer seek ME

Who are you without “I AM”

Why have you become so lazy

By your doings and you

No longer seek Me “To Be”

Jesus said “take no purse with you”

When you go out to “do” My will

Inside who you are in the kingdom

Seeking and trusting ME—“To Be”

For My provision and protection

Doing ONLY what you see

Me doing, Me Being

Say ONLY what you hear from Me

You've “worked” so hard at doing

Seek Me—work hard at that

Seek “I AM”

So may be formed in your “To Be”--ing

Be—ing a father

Be—ing a mother

Be—in a sibling

Be—ing a son or daughter

Be—ing about My Fathers business

Seeking ME,

Seeking who you were in heaven

Before sent to earth

Seeking Be—ing

Whom I created you

To Be

You are More than conquerors

More than overcomers

More than children of the Most High God

More than what you see and do

I have learned to be content

In Be—ing

With nothing, little or much

No more seeking in heaven a tropy

Rather Only “To Be”--like Me.

Randy Goss 2011

Tags: Poetry Contentment Be


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