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Posted On 06/27/2011 22:40:51 by SWAM

Back in the year 2005 I went on a missions trip to Jamaica. I know, someones gotta suffer. LOL. Anyway while there one of the team members (a young woman) learned I wrote and she began sharing her story with me of her abortion. She said--maybe you can write something. Well, it hit my spirit but thought--what do I know--I'm just a guy and have never been through that. I began to ask her some things--how did you feel? Do you ever wonder about your baby today? and things like that. She told me the Lord let her have a dream of her aborted child. She was beautiful with long blonde hair--alot like her child now.

Well, after we got back to the states I was really wondering about the "challenge" and asked the Lord one day in prayer--while driving--Lord will you let me feel what they feel. Even still it brings up tears--because He did. It was the worst 3seconds of my life and I wept and groaned inwardly. Wept outwardly also. This happened within 2 weeks of returning to GA. Within the next week Holy Spirit gave me the poem--"Unheard/Unseen". I shared it with the young woman and she used it in her class for post abortion counseling. She said all the women cryed and that it was a good cry---a healing cry--realizing the Love of God.

Now, fast forward to 2010. There was another young woman who told me she was believing God to start her ministry as she had also undergone a few abortions adn was healed after receiving Christ and going to classes. Again, something hit my spirit and I said We Need to DO a CD with that poem. The Lord was so faithful and we were able to finish it, but not without the enemy trying to stop it. But to God be the glory!

It is a very unique CD as it uses the voices of 12 different people, including children. On it are two songs, two poems, two testimonies, a scripture reading from Hosea 2 and an invitation to ask Jesus to be your Lord. The name of the CD is Unheard/Unseen and is a revelation of the Lord He began in 2005 and I was only faithful to Do it. He will do the rest. You can visit www.stuffwithamessage.org to order a copy or listen to the poem "Unheard/Unseen". I pray it blesses you and brings healing.

The Lord has now given me three more CD's to complete a 4CD series. I hope to be recording a declaration by song and spoken word soon. That will happen as God--or you provides. It's amazing we always say--God will provide and yet He uses you and me for the time He choses--and all we need to do is be obedient.

Please take the time to write your congressmen at the Federal level and your state level representatives and get involved in this fight FOR LIFE. As I have heard quoted before--"All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." If you consider yourself "good" I pray you will do something. God bless you.

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