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That is why I Love Her
Posted On 05/20/2011 18:11:44 by Steven-Terry

When you pray to God, and ask that an Angel be sent to you,
How do you know when you've found her?
Will she have electric eyes that pierce your soul,
And fill it with all things good?
Or is it her smile, that can light up a room on the darkest of nights,
And light up your life and lift up your spirits on the darkest of day?
Will she even know that she is your Angel, the girl of your dreams?
Will you have to tell her, or does she really need to know?
Do you love this Angel, in real life and in your dreams?
Is she everything you want, or is she everything you need?
Do you long to see her face, every moment of every day?
Do you wonder if certain circumstances were meant to be?
Has God's divine intervention finally brought you together?
Together Forever?
Or do you chalk it up as coincidence?
Will you give God the glory that is due?
Or forget him, and try to steal your prize before you deserve it.
How long must you wait for this girl of your dreams,
This Angel sent from Heaven that makes everything right in your world.
God only know, but for now you should be happy,
And continue to pray, thanking God for this answered prayer,
Every night, and every day.
And when the moment finally comes when that day she finally sees you,
And realizes her own love, she will lay down her winds,
Hang up her halo, and be your angel, your dreasm, your answered prayer,
Until the end of your days.
But until then, hold her in your heart, and your arms, and never let her go.
Treat her like the Angel she is, respect that this love is divine,
for it was prepared by God, and it just could be,
That you may be her Angel, her prayers, and her dreams.
And that is Why I Love Her.


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