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Southbeach Diet, Phase II
Posted On 05/04/2011 14:57:37 by grkarl

Phase II of the Southbeach Diet is an interesting phase, because you start re-introducing old foods. The weight has been up and down and it has been a learning experience. I have to lay off the bread, apple pies, cheese cakes, because those are what is called binge foods. I have to also watch portion size.

Just what is portion size you ask and why would it matter? Well, in low glycemic foods it may not matter much, because the insulin levels don't spike, some of the vegetables are full of fiber which helps you burn fat and eliminate toxins. You can eat the low glycemic foods without limit and essentially you will be full and loose weight.

As far as the high glycemic foods go, the insulin level spikes, you get a high off of the foods, such as bread, pie, cake, but there's very little dietary fiber and little way to burn fat. If you can not control your consumption on these foods, it is better to eliminate them. This has been a long struggle for me around the holidays. Yep, you guessed it. I was thrown off track since Easter.

The idea of weight loss is just this. Your body uses so much protein, so much fat, so much sugar for energy and the rest is stored as fat. Ok, so now you eat. As a larger guy, I can attest to putting on the pounds, because I haven't paid much attention to portion size over the years. What is the correct portion size for meals you might ask? We Americans eat way too much. A serving size of hamburger, steak, chicken, turkey, ham and meats for that matter is 2.5 oz - this is something that I've learned from the Weight Watchers meetings. Meats do matter, because they have fat in them. We need the Omega 3 in Chicken, Turkey, Broccoli, and some Fish. Wow, what a concept, I even got Jen to agree to eat Fish twice a week – now I can eat Fish.

I’ve gotten away from eating the Spinach salads that I’ve had at lunch time and I need to get back to basics. Wow, when I looked at a fiber chart for most fruits and vegetables, I found that Spinach has 7g of dietary fiber. That’s why I was loosing the weight.

Several years ago, I was reading one of the medical journals, I can not remember which one and it stated that Women are supposed to have 25g of fiber daily and men are supposed to have 37g. Wow, that sounded like a lot I thought….except, since I’ve been on the Southbeach diet. This has made me more conscious of what I’m eating.

You know, there is a breakfast cereal out there called Total. I’m going to pick on these guys for a while. They had an unknown competitor with many cereal bowls stacked to the ceiling and they had one bowl of Total cereal. It seemed nearly impossible to get the nutrients, except with this cereal. This is a concept that I’ve applied to low glycemic foods. Don’t we want to choose a food with the most fiber, so that we can burn fat the quickest?  I’ve chose my meals this way and had success. A typical meal plan consists of 6 meals in this fashion:

Breakfast: 2 eggs with Omega 3 (omlette, sunnyside up or whatever fashion you want) and Mozzarella cheese.

Snack 1: Mozzarella cheese stick, or an apple

Lunch: Spinach Salad with balsamic vinegar

Snack 2: ¼ cup Pistachio nuts (normal serving size)

Dinner: Grilled or Baked Salmon, Spinach salad

Snack 3: Yogurt, plain, or a pear.

No meal plan is perfect and you can borrow the above to start off with and learn to look up the foods on the glycemic chart and stack your meal plan with low glycemic and high fiber foods.

Happy Eating!

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05/10/2011 17:23:03

Yea, I've been convicted by the Holy Spirit about the Obesity. Honestly, I'm eating the wrong foods that get me into a vicious cycle. I need to eat high fiber, low glycemic foods. Stay away from processed foods like TV dinners, bread, pasta. Instead, rely more on fruits and vegetables. If you eat 6 smaller meals a day this way, the weight does come off.

05/04/2011 22:49:52

Sounds good.  I am flabby, although not obese.  I find it hard nowadys to get back in shape and get rid of the fat.  I use to go up and down quickly but now it is difficult and gravity has worked on me a little bit too.  The fat sags more.  Our bodies are suppose to be temples for the Holy Spirit.

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