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Important - Please Read
Posted On 02/21/2011 15:30:42 by admin

My dear brothers and sisters,

It has come to my attention that certain members are having major disagreements on YCS.  Heated arguments and harsh words are being exchanged along with finger pointing and accusations at many levels.   

I know we do not live in a perfect world and that there will always be issues of varying degrees of severity that will affect us all.  However, it hurts me to see when any Christians lose faith or sight of whom and what we stand for and allow the enemies of God to plant the seeds of doubt and hate in their hearts and minds.  We live in an age of information technology and communication from behind keyboards and computers, where people find it easier to be rude and loud and behave in a manner that is completely opposite to their nature.  The fact remains that if we are to call ourselves 'Christians' then we are bound by the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and they are first and foremost: humility, compassion and love for mankind.

I would like to take this opportunity to refresh the minds of every member on YCS of certain rules, which we must all observe in order for us to continue together in our path as brothers and sisters:


Flaming is an exercise that is all too common throughout the Internet.  People derive great pleasure in ‘flaming’ others.  If you do not know what flaming is, please Google it.  

This practice is cruel and serves only one purpose and that is the ego of the person exercising such an activity.  I will not stand idle on YCS and allow this sort of cruelty or arrogance to take place.

Passing Judgments

Every single human being is entitled to their own free will and that is how God created us all.  No one is perfect, not me or anyone else on YCS or in the whole wide world.  Passing judgment towards anyone on YCS is not allowed.  YCS is all about forgiveness and tolerance.  You may state your point of view and leave others to make up their minds.  Only God decides who goes to heaven or to hell, such a decision is not ours and none of us mere mortals have a right to assume otherwise.  

Judge not others for you will be judged yourself.


A true Christian will find it in their heart to overcome our natural instinct – revenge and anger.  These two poisons, pollute our minds and hearts and serve no purpose but evil.  Our Lord knew very well why to teach us to Love and forgive our enemies and those who wrong us – Love conquers evil.

Abusive members or disputes

Should you have an issue with anyone on YCS, please do your best to resolve your differences.  If you find yourself in a hopeless situation then stay off YCS for a little while and pray.  Pray for guidance and forgiveness and then when you have calmed down, try once again.  If all else fails, please report the offence to any of the admins, including myself – Please try not to act on impulse and retaliate, it serves no purpose but evil.

God’s enemies

God’s enemies will do their best to destroy all that is good and everything holy including our blessed website YCS.  Over the many years that I have owned and administered YCS, I have been personally subjected to countless threats, abuse and insults…  I received many hate emails.  The enemies of God once tried to destroy my blessed relationship with my brother Pastor Jerry by sowing seeds of doubt.  We are all subject to attack and we are all vulnerable, regardless.   

Every time the enemy attacks me personally I always remind myself of the fate of the disciples of our Lord and how they suffered so terribly in the end.  I am of course always reminded of our Lord’s suffering and sacrifice.

When I suffer now I suffer in his honour
When I hurt now, I hurt in his honour
and when I weep I weep in his honour

I always consider it the highest blessing and privilege to suffer in His glorious name.


Words are just words, they can be cruel and they can hurt but they can also be dissipated with the knowledge that what brought you here is The Light.  We are all here because we have been guided somehow to be together and grow together as a family and in service of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

How we behave on YCS reflects your faith and your integrity, not only to us humans around you but also to the watchful eyes of our Lord.

As long as YCS remains in service of our Lord, myself and all the admins and angels who serve and donate their time here will be honoured to serve.   But if YCS should become home to hate, judgment and evil, I will not hesitate but to shut it down immediately because if we are not a true Christian site and simply call ourselves Christian then we are insulting our Lord.

May God bless you and your families and keep you from evil, amen.

YCS Admin


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10/29/2011 00:19:52

Let's give Garo our support 

& represent Christ with honor.

As ROMANS 12:18 declares...

"If it be possible, as much as lieth in you,

live peaceably with all men."

02/21/2011 16:33:54

I read it - don't know what flaming is, but will google it.  And I will do my best to follow these rules.  Thanks for all you do for YCS.

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