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YCS Chess Clubs - Two Winners!!!
Posted On 02/12/2011 15:27:32 by admin

The chess competition was organized by the Ecole de Frère the little girl(in the picture) made the first position and the boy(in the picture)  made the 3rd position

The YCS Chess club was started by myself and my cousin Zohrab in Lebanon.  Zohrab kindly donates his time and I support the club financially.  twice or three times a week, we rent a classroom in a school and we hire a chess instructor to teach and train our young angels in playing and learning the game of chess.  We bought several chess kits and we also pay for the transport in a bus and driver.

Nearly all the young angels who attend the club come from very poor and needy families.  Zohrab collects every child by bus from his or her home and at the end of the training session he drops them back to their homes.

The club grew and our angels are now twelve in total.  We encourage them to enter all competitions and when they win, we also award them with a cash prize to help support them further.

It is my aim to spread this activity to other parts of the world where poor children have limited resources to help teach them about the game and to keep them from harming themselves and others.

Praise be The Lord for granting us the privilege to serve in his name, amen.

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02/12/2011 18:28:25

Sounds like great ministry!!

02/12/2011 16:12:39

How wonderful! Praise God!

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