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That's You
Posted On 11/04/2010 18:27:39 by MD19Justin87

 It isn't the music that makes me swoon for you, but the spirit that has inspired such beauty, that's you, and it's not the people gathering together in a building that's wonderful, but it's the spirit that walks in their presence, believers feeding each other's souls with the good news, they raise their hands in worship because, that's you, who breathes life into people, not a structure built of earth, and it isn't a book filled with words on pages that consumes my soul, but it's your truth revealed in it's message, which I keep alive in my heart, that I may walk in the darkest places and carry your light, that's you, living inside the temple that you created, that's you, first one I run to in the morning, the one I think of through all the season's of my life, it's you in the calm of the evening that whispers, come to me, that's you, and I'm listening, I'm working, I'm searching for you, the one true God, that's bigger than the life He created, that's you I'm looking for tonight, it's not the heaven's that are more beautiful than the stars that I'm looking for, it's you, it's your sign that's coming, in the blink of an eye, so I'm going to be searching, on the hottest day, on the coldest night, for the one that gives and takes, the one that saves life, that's you

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