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Stand in the Rain
Posted On 11/02/2010 18:49:34 by MD19Justin87

the skies are perpetually gray

when your alone in your pain

your thoughts are so loud

you can't hear

comfort falls on deaf ears

when you're lost in the clouds

the tears line the fog covering every inch

they only subside

when God is ready for you to see

but that moment which is so profound

is all too easily lost

when you're grabbing at dust

that turns to quicksand

you have to find that small voice inside

that whispers... it'll be ok

when your eyes are wider than the heavens

your chilled to the bone with that paralyzing venom

when you're at the mercy of self doubt

the deep end of your fears will pull you down

this is where you'll stand your ground

with hurt striking like lightning

with demons laughing like thunder

tug on that thread in your heart that leads you to heaven

pull on the robes of Jesus

the storm might rage on

but the calm in you will be the victory sound

the rain will be like water

the lightning like light

the thunder will be a crackle

before the joy you'll sing

let it rain

child be still

here is your miracle

found only in Him

peace that calms the storm raging within

Tags: Hope Rain Depression Strength In God


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