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My Life Offering
Posted On 11/01/2010 02:00:25 by MD19Justin87

there's been a lot of selfish voices in my head, wanting me to lay down in sorrow's bed, but I can't hide anymore in sleep's deceiving night, I want to speak out my heart while I am yet alive, even with a pulse as faint as mine, there is much to give back to the giver of this life, and I confess to the Lord, all the places I have been without him, all the plans I made against him, resisting any desire to say what if, the only worthwhile move now is to draw closer to Him, where gravity doesn't feel so heavy, and burdens are taken off like a boulder moved back, where broken hearts are saved because they're are the only willing kind, even minds are given peace from every dark and horrific dream that appeared endless, yes, this is where I will go, this is where hope is... though many pitfalls cry out to me, though many deceivers would lure me into their own dreadful fate, I have seen enough of the emptiness of self, and l am persuaded by Christ's love, to flip over my own tables, to rise up against my old debtor's and take back what wasn't mine, and give back this temple to the one true living God, for anything I can claim that is good, was from Him, and anything precious I have ever lost was taken in, and there it waits for me behind gates of eternity, my life offering, oh Lord, take your servant's sacrifice, for you alone are worthy to receive this right, Yahweh

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