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Ever encountered Satan head on? I have.
Posted On 10/20/2010 11:56:05 by ebonylowe

I had the craziest experience this morning.  I was doing some praying and so forth and was really feeling the Holy Spirit this morning.  I went to get on the bus and their was this guy about 10 feet away from me, glaring at me and walking back and forth as if he were possessed. In my mind, I was rebuking Satan and asking for the Lord's protection. I go to enter the bus and this guy was no where to be seen...

Then I get on the bus and this other dude starts glaring at me with his eyes all bugged out.  Again, I started to rebuke Satan... The guy got off the bus...

Then I looked to the back of the bus, I was a little scared at that point.  This other dude was looking straight down at the floor with a black hoodie over his head.  Again, I knew I was dealing with evil so in my mind I began to rebuke Satan again.. He immediately got off the bus..

Then there was one more girl on the bus. I was almost sure she was ok till I looked at her and her eyes were bugged out too. That time I told Satan to get out of that girl and I binded every form of evil in the name of Jesus and the girl immediately exited this bus.

I prayed in my mind so no one knew I was praying.  I have been studying about discernment of the spirit and I'm so glad I did because I caught the evil head on. 

It was still dark in the morning so Satan knew that was when I was vulnerable.  I hate the dark.  But I had prayed this morning and was prepared. I binded Satan before I even left the house.

Thank God...

Many of you won't believe me unless you've experienced it. And that's ok. You don't want to experience what I did. I think God is preparing me for something.


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