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wasting too much of our precious time.
Posted On 07/29/2010 20:27:23 by firstfridays

Wasting too much of our precious time.

By K. Tanaka

Satan is wasting too much of our precious time. We can keep stomping around and waste our time or do it fast. Sometimes it’s time to work on it, the devil played long enough, let’s get it done. John 10:10 the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. (depression, kid troubles, confusion, oppression) God has come that you have life and have it more abundantly. (Jesus came to give us life) Jesus came to enjoy life until overflows with joy, not endure it! A rich and satisfied life. You will say a confession or something good will happen, but the devil will come right away to steal the joy. Who did you change your focus to? Keep your focus on God and thankfulness. Don’t think about the problem. Think about the blessing. Romans 8 The devils finds the thing that irritates you and grinds on it. He may put the person you can’t stand at work right next to you. That keeps you carnally minded. Then it’s hard to minister. If you are in the flesh you cannot please God. Dwell on what is good, pure, of good report, what has any virtue or praise....... Why do we choose to think on the other things? Because it takes work to put the flesh under! It takes work to get anything done in this life. Like it or not, it’s easier to complain. No one has time anymore for God. They have time for TV, internet, recreation, sports programs, anything else than spend time with God. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong we get mad at God. Take 6 weeks and forget about the flesh, put God first and you will be a new person. It will take work, you will get tired and it might hurt, but it will be worth it! There is a BIG difference between knowing and doing. YOKE= submission to god’s authority. If you submit to God’s authority you will fid rest. What is happening is people are finally getting to where they are suppose to be and they get a little in their place. They are convinced they are where they suppose to be, but they won’t do everything God wants them to do. You might do something right but God wants us to be obedient in all things. If your kid is at a party. They do what you say: drive careful to the party and be at home by 11. At the party they did drugs and other sin. Should God bless them? That is what we are expecting when something goes wrong. Then we expect God to fix it for us. We can’t just do the part we like. We have to do everything that God says. Put your flesh under. The more you yield to the flesh the more right you think you are. God wants us to be an example. Many are called, but few are chosen because they are in the flesh. Nothing will satisfy you like being satisfied spiritually. Nothing will compare. Phil 4:6 paraphrased: Don’t fret or have anxiety about anything. In everything do in prayer with thanksgiving. Make your wants known to God. Be content. Peace that transcends understanding will come and guard your heart. How do you avoid getting down and depressed? Keep your mind on God. The devil will keep coming back to wear you down over and over again. He knows what bothers you. How do you fix that? We don’t let it bother us! 1 Peter 3:10 para. If you want to enjoy a happy good life, keep your tongue from evil. The devil oppressed them. Do not blame another person for your problems. If you do this you will never be free. The devil is the one causing your problems. Blame him. God is faithful. He will show you a way out. God will never let you down. The faithful love of the Lord never ends and start afresh every morning. Arise from the depression and from the circumstance’s that have kept you. The glory of the whole earth has risen on you!

God Bless


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