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Posted On 07/22/2010 22:39:21 by suanne

David was loyal to God and, therefore, did not kill Saul the numerous chances he had.  David would not lay a hand on God's annointed king, even though God had so promised He would make David king.  David understood it had to be done in God's time and in God's way.  David trusted that God would do what He said He would do.  David knew he didn't have to scheme and manuever and manipulate to achieve God's goal for his life.  Throughout this time in David's life, he was always pouring out his soul to God, inquiring of LORD, and obeying LORD.

David's fighting men were confused, probably.  Are you crazy?  Saul is sleeping, as are his men.  God had put them into deep sleep.  Take him out!  Let me kill him for you!  Let us put a quick end to this madness!  David stuck with his conviction.  David did become king and God was the one to put Saul down permanantly.  I'm sure this changed these men's way of thinking.  They were being loyal to David, their leader.  David's example said to be loyal to GOD.

Saul, on the other hand was loyal to himself.  Saul admitted his sin against David.  Saul admitted he had acted foolishly.  Saul admitted that David was God's choice for Israelite king.  Saul then asked that David not kill his family.  Ahh, the bottom line.  Saul was once again promoting own self interests.  Saul was not committing to  God's plans.  Saul and David parted company - David probably did not believe him.  Saul, not too much later, was, once again, hunting down David to kill him.  Saul perhaps could not hold to his conviction.  Saul died in battle and David became king.

God is always loyal.  God never lets us down.  God may do things unexpectedly.  God may do things we do not like or understand.  God is always carrying out His plan for you and me.  God can always be trusted.  God waits for you to inquire of Him and His plans.

How loyal are you?  Where does your loyalty lie?  What do you think loyalty is?  Upon what is your loyalty based?  How has loyalty or lack of loyalty affected your relationships?

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This was taken from Sunday school lesson.  I find it very convicting and encouraging.  Hope you enjoy the message.  May it bring light to your soul!!!  May you place you loyalty in GOD.

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