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God and Elijah
Posted On 07/20/2010 15:47:43 by suanne

Well, I have to tell on myself.  I pulled an Elijah yesterday.  On Sunday, I was so full of the Holy Spirit, joy and peace bubbled out of me, even though I had not slept well the night before.  Prior to bed, I had prayed to focus on God the entire day, and to not get distracted.  Well, that prayer worked.  Like Elijah (at Mt. Carmel) I had had a wonderful VICTORY!!!  Ut Oh!!!  Beware!!!

Monday I had a change of heart and was in great despair. I didn't feel like praying or being comforted by the Bible.  What happened?  I crashed!!!  But why?  I had just won major victory.  My problems did not grow.  The lack of sleep caught up with me.  Elijah did the same thing.  After victory, Jezebel set out to kill him and he went running into the desert, pleading for God to take his life.  He had had enough.  The battle-worn soldier did not feel like fighting any more.  He felt all alone, telling God he was the only real prophet left.  And what did God do?  He comforted Elijah - fed him, let His glory pass by him, and told him there were several who still served God.  Consequently Elijah was restored and God let him annoint Elisha to train to take over for him.  Hallelujah!!!

The good news is God still does the same for His people today.  Though I did not feel like it, I did, like David often did, pour out my heart to God.  After prayer, I was still in stinking mood and put in yesterday's prayer request.  I busied myself with something.  Little by little I felt better.  My strength has returned.  My faith is again renewed.  Focus is back on Christ.  Praise God, the wonderfully Good Shepherd!!!

Part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit is endurance, hopefully looking forward to, sticking with, being faithful to, inner calm, and profitable deeds and thoughts.  These are partial definitions of words in Galatians 5:21-23.  Thank you God for you are Faithful and Long-suffering.  You truly do supply all our needs according to your richness in glory.  Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!!!

If you are having a bad day, the light is coming.  Stick to it.  He who began a good work in you will complete it!!!

Love, Suanne              &nb sp;                     &nb sp;        

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