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We Know The End of the Story
Posted On 07/15/2010 16:09:34 by suanne

I'm reading a wonderful book about Jesus' second coming.  The book points out that Jesus speaks and the devil listens.  The line of command is God is the one in authority.  Nothing happens by way of Satan that God has not approved.  The devil asks to sift Peter and asks to torment Job.  On earth, demons asked Jesus not to kill them, but send them into the pigs.  In all cases, the devil obeyed God!!!  The devil also got kicked out of heaven too by powers of God!!!

This is not the best part.  The best part is Jesus overcame the world.  He can save us.  He knows how to save us.  And He will save us.  The Holy Spirit intercedes for us with moans that words cannot express.  God searches the heart, soul, and mind.  We do not know what we ought to pray and Holy Spirit intercedes for us, praying according to God's will.  Have no fear.  The one helping you is able to do more than you can imagine.  God gives us comfort by telling us the end of the story in Revelation.  Devil, false prophet, and beast go to lake of burning sulfer and brimstone to be punished for all eternity.  The deal is already done.  Satan may throw punches and win a few battles; but he has lost the war.  We are heirs with Christ, adopted by Christ, with all the legal rights of heirs.  All is not finalized until His second coming.  So, come, Lord Jesus, come.  Hallelujah!!!  Praise the LORD!!!

So if you are facing problems in this life, as Jesus said we would, look to these comforting words from scripture.  Count it pure joy when you suffer trials of various kinds.  Fear not, for Jesus has overcome the world.  God is your ever-present help in trouble.  Call out to Him.  The earth is short-lived, with all its woes.  But eternity is forever and is perfect bliss.  AMEN!!!

(PS The book is by Max Lucado:  When Christ Comes;  it is a joy to read and very uplifting).         

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