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YCS and Forum Etiquette
Posted On 07/01/2010 09:52:30 by admin

Dearest brothers and sisters,

On behalf of all YCS staff, moderators and admins, may I extend a warm welcome to all who joined us recently. May your paths be blessed with love and healing in service of our Lord.

Please be reminded that YCS is a website to bring all Christians together. We therefore kindly ask you all to refrain from hostility against one another and to refrain from addressing anyone here on YCS or otherwise in any cruel or demeaning fashion.

We know very well that we cannot all agree on everything but the fundemental principles of Christianity is tolerance, humbleness and love and these we should always maintain and never forget. If others disagree with you, they are entitled to their opinion and in the worst case scenario you simply agree to disagree. We are not here to force our views, opinons or beliefs on anyone - The love of Christ our Lord should be the driving force in your lives and here on YCS. We are all here to learn and share and I must remind us all that NONE of us has the answers, we are mere mortals. We have opinions, not answers and these should be limited to ourselves.

We have also noticed some individuals occasionaly posting 'mind spinner' type of questions. I welcome all questioning for the purpose of learning but I will not accept nor tolerate questions that are demeaning or with malicious undertones or intent. We must all respect one another's faith and pray for enlightenment, which invariably comes to open hearts and nothing can stand in the way of truth. YCS is not a base for anyone's entertainment at anyone else's expense.

Scammers on YCS
As you are all aware, there are scammers who sign up to YCS and they use software to mass message our members. We do everything to stop them and we have made good progress so far. If you receive a message asking you to contact the person off-site i.e by email or otherwise, please report it immediately to a YCS staff member. The majority of such contacts are harmful and will lead to catastrophic consequences if entertained. Please do not respond to anyone asking you to send any money for any reason. If in doubt, please contact a member of staff.

Predators on YCS
On very rare occasions, we have become aware of sexual predators on YCS who try to entice our younger members into meeting them in person or to perform illicit conduct. We remind all our members to never meet anyone in person unless allowed and accompanied by an adult. Please be safe and aware that there will always be elements, even here on YCS, who are intent on harming you for their own selfish and twisted pleasure. Please be safe and never ever give personal information about you or anyone else to anyone. If in doubt or if you are in a situation and need help, please contact a member of staff.

Prayer requests
Humanity as a whole is going through very trying times and we all need to pray for one another and support each other. In your free time, please stop by the Prayer Requests section and help pray for those who need it. Prayers can move mountains and every single prayer counts especially these days...

With this, I leave you with my heart and love and I pray for God's blessings for you and your loved ones.



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