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Hell Is Biblical!!!
Posted On 06/04/2010 23:54:53 by suanne

The word "hell" is not in Hebrew or Greek language!!!  That statement is true.  But we, Anglo-saxons, don't have concept of the word phrases the original Bible writers used and, therefore, had to translate them.  So our translators used "hell", "pit", and/or "grave" - depends on Bible you read - to translate one Hebrew word and three Greek words. I looked  up "hell" in an exhaustive concordance.  These are the findings.  

OLD TESTAMENT          De32.22  2Sam22.6  Job11.8  Job26.6  Ps9.17  Ps16.10  Ps18.5  Ps55.15  Ps86.13  Ps116.3  Ps130.8  Pro5.5  Prv7.27  Prov9.18  Prv15.11 Prv15.11  Prv15.24  Prv23.14  Prv27.20  Isa5.14  Isa14.9  Isa14.15  Isa28.15  Isa28.18  Isa57.9  Eze31.14  Eze31.17  Eze32.21  Eze32.28  Am9.2  Jo2.2  Hab2.5

NEW TESTAMENT          Mt5.23 Mt5.29-30 Mt10.28 Mt11.21  Mt16.18  Mt18.9  Mt23.15  Mt23.33  Mr9.43  Mr9.45  Mr9.47  Lu10.15  Lu12.5  Lu16.23  Ac2.27  Ac2.31  Jas3.6  2Pe2.4  Ro1.18  Ro6.8  Ro20.13  Ro20.14

(note the lettering is odd, as well as small, and some of numbers may not be right)

Each verse gives you a taste of hell and the purposes it serves.  The farthest point from Heaven.  Parallel to the pit or death.  An overwhelming flood.  A hunter waiting to catch its prey.  A place of no return.  Some go to it alive.  Turn to New Testament and we find the following ideas.  Hell is place of torment, the opposite of heaven.  It is actual valley in Jerusalem that is continally burning (because pagans worshipped their gods here).  Hell is synonym for place of burning. Once it is referred to as  dark place for the wicked dead, punishment for rebellious angels.  And Jesus is the one who speaks most often of it.

DEFINITIONS OF HELL  ------------------------------------------------------------------

Hebrewsheol - (31x) from word hades or the world of the dead (as if a subterranean retreat), includes its accessories and inmates: - grave, hell, pit.

Greek:  valley of (the son of) Hinnom, gehenna, a valley of Jerus, used (fig.) as a name for the place (or state) of everlasting punishment (12X = 9x as hell and 3x as hell fire):- hell

Greek Hades or the place (state) of departed souls, ie. place of the dead (10x):- grave, hell

Greek tartaroo (1x)- from the deepest abyss of Hades ; to incarcerate in eternal torment:- cast down to hell

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------

In Revelation, they use phrase "lake of fire" to refer to hell.  "Lake of Fire" and "second death"  indicate the awfulness of the fate of the impenitent."(Holman dictionary)  Maybe it is literal fire, maybe not.  Our God rained down hail that turned into fire on Egypt...nothing is too hard for Him.  Lake = water.  Fire = put out by water.  Fire = light.  Light = not total darkness as Hell is supposed to be.    If it is a lake of sulfur, it would still be able to burn forever and could still be in complete dark.  Fire and darknes are of the soul, as well.  Fire is God's judgement.  Darkness is absence of His Light.  It is physical and spiritual hell.

In conclusion, Hell is in fact a Biblical fact.  Jesus preached it and we need to pay attention to it, that it sober us up about the lost people around us and our very own souls as well.  The consequences of not having Jesus are permanant and serious.


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