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An Interesting Dream...
Posted On 02/27/2010 18:16:32 by dwx882

Last night I had this dream that to me was sad. When I woke up I wondered exactly why I had the dream in the first place. I tried to rationalize everything  in my mind. The man in the dream was Jon Heder (some of you may know him from napoleon dynamite). That part of my dream can be explained by the fact that my family watched a movie with him in it earlier in the day. The rest of the dream, however, I don't know where it came from. As I thought about it more and more, it seemed like a parable and I'll explain the dream and explain my analysis afterwards and let you decide for yourself.

The guy in this dream worked for a crisis center for suicide prevention. They had established an online website where people could get on and chat one-on-one with a real person who would listen to their problems and try to help them. One day this girl logged on to the chat and she spoke to this guy. She explained how she was feeling, how she was suicidal, and he listened to her, helped her and comforted her. She felt so much more relieved after she had talked to him and he felt relieved that she didn't make the wrong choice. They went their separate ways after that night.

The girl got depressed once more and again, she got online and chatted with this guy. He listened to her problems, comforted her and talked her out of suicide.

As time went on, these two chatted through the crisis chat on numerous occassions. Each time he helped to comfort her. Through these chats he began to love her. He knew he was her friend that would help her lift herself up out of bad times, but he desired a deeper relationship with her. One that was more intimate. (whether this was in a romantic way or not was never explained in the dream. I just know he wanted a deeper more personal relationship with her).

The more he helped her the more he wanted that deeper relationship. However she only saw him as a friend that would help her when she was troubled. The only time she ever came to him is when she felt in need of comforting and he desired more. Though he desired a deeper relationship with her, she didn't desire the same. This broke his heart. He yearned for more than what they had so badly, yet it would not happen.

As I thought about this, the only meaning I could get out of it was that this dream represented our relationship with God for so many of us. We know he's the creator of all things, the only God, yet so many of us, including those of us that call ourselves 'christian' only see him as the friend that will help us find comfort when we're down. He desires a deeper, more intimate relationship with all of us, yet so many of us don't seem to want that. And I believe this breaks God's heart.

Now I'm not getting on a soapbox here and claiming to be all high and mighty because I'll be the first to admit that my relationship with the Lord is not as deep as it should be. I'm working to change that. But I thought I'd share this dream along with my interpretation and allow you to perhaps think about what this dream means to you.

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02/27/2010 20:11:47

Alot people do take Gods friendship for granted like this. We all need to make our relationship with God the center of our life. Its easier said than done but its possible. :)

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