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Hells Bells: The Dangers of Rock Music
Posted On 02/23/2010 17:33:46 by victoriouspalmbranch

Here I am posting a documentary titled "Hells Bells The Dangers of Rock Music" as posted by the video's Christian producers on Youtube. Produced in 1989 this documentay shows Rocks relationship to sex, suicide, drugs, and the occult.

Part 1 of 18

Pt 2 of 18

pt 3 of 18

pt 4 of 18

Pt 5 of 18

Part 6 of 18

Part 7 of 18

Part 8 of 18

Pt. 9 of 18 from another Youtube user

Pt. 10 of 18

Part 11 of 18

part 12 of 18

part 13 of 18

part 14 of 18

part 15 of 18

part 16 of 18

part 17 of 18

part 18 of 18

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02/24/2010 04:04:13

I agree. I like the bands you mentioned a whole lot. But I also listened to some of the bands in these documentarys back in my teens, and liked them then. I was ignorant of some of the symbols they used were art of witchcraft, not the obvious symbols like the pentagram but some other symbols. How vile, evil and antichristian this music really is.

02/23/2010 21:06:54

There is such a thing as Christian Rock and it does not lead to suicide and violence and sexual immorality.  Garbage in.  Garbage out.  If you immerse yourself with that which is wicked, don't be surprised if you end up acting on it.  God tells us to grab a hold of our thoughts. Control yourself.  Run from evil. 

OH be careful little eyes what you see.  Oh be carefule little ears what you hear.  For the Lord above is looking down in love.  Oh be carefule little eyes and ears what you see and hear!!!

On the other hand.  Toby Mac.  Third Day.  Point of Grace.  Acapella.  They rock and they put me in the mood to praise Jesus and to servce Jesus and be a witness for Jesus.  Not all rock is bad.

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