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My New Life.
Posted On 01/07/2010 14:49:28 by disipleofchrist

   This my testimony of my new life.I was raised being taught about God and Jesus by my mom.We did'nt go to church or anything,but at home when I asked questions,my mom would answer them.My grandpa was a precher,so she was pretty knowledgible about the Bible.Then when I was 13,I adsepted Jesus as my savior.I started going to church and reading my bible.All throgh my teen years,but I tryed to ride both sides of the fence,and slowly stoped going to church and my relationship with the lord deteriated.Then about four years ago it was like the Father woke me up from some kind of deep sleep I was in or something,and told me that the way I was living my life was"snt pleasing him at all.That I needed to totally commit my life to him or not but I could'nt live for him halfway.It had to be all or nothing.He poured his love on me,and showed me the errors I was making in my relationship with him.From that point on I have been totally committed to him and his plan for my life.It has been the most Enjoyable time of my life.Jesus is so awesome,He is everything that I have been looking for my entire life.I always felt like something was missing,and know I have found it,my Heavenly Father.At this point in my life I would'nt know what to do without Him,everything about Him is unmeasrable.His love for me ,his patients and understanding.His teaching and maturing me.It has brought such joy to me and my life.So thats my story,God Bless you all.


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