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Where Did My Heavenly Father Go!
Posted On 01/06/2010 20:25:43 by disipleofchrist

In this currupt and dying world in which we live,even the most devoted christain has and will sin.The Heavenly Father knew this before it ever happened,thats why Jesus deid 2000 years ago.To cover all our sins past,present and future.Even thogh we are forgiven,we still need to realign ourselves with the Heavenly Father.We forget who the father is,though our guilty feeling over the sin that we have committed.This prayer is a starting point to get back in fellowship with the Father.

  Heavenly Father,sometimes it is difficult for me to see you as you really are.By faith in the testimony of Jesus however,I accept you as my forgiving Heavenly Father.

 A Father who loves me with unlimited love

A Father whose patience is unexhaustible.

A Father who is eager to have fellowship with me.

A Father who focuses on me and my position as your child,not on my sin.

A Father who rejoices when I turn to you from my sin,whether it be one single act or a season of rebellion.Expose the errors in my thinking toward you and fill me with the truth,for I know that in discovering the truth,I will be set free.Amen

May God Bless you all my brother and sisters.

Information from Charles Stanley books.


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