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what has happened to our page?
Posted On 12/23/2009 13:42:22 by disipleofchrist

I have noticed as of late,that certain areas of our page (polls,ects) are being used for hooking up with the opposite sex and self promotion,and asking questions that are not christian at all.I thought the whole purpose was to fellowship with other christains,and to promote christainanity.to share thoughts and feelings about the bible,god,and how living a christain  life was the greatest thing to ever happen to us.To help fellow brother and sisters,when problems arose.To talk about the new things we learn about the father and our walk with him.This is just my opinion,and you  my not agree with me,but if we are not careful our wonderful christain based space could become just another site like myspace,or any of the other sites.I dont want this site to lose it's uniqueness, it's christ base principles.I think we need to think before we write some of the silly things that we display for all to see.We must remember we are representing our beloved king Jesus in our statements.what do you think he would say about it.Are we trying to please him, or ourselfs with this site.God Bless you all.


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12/23/2009 16:12:49

My thoughts exactly- which is why I've been spending some of my extra time with "The Bible" group on Facebook! With 1,000,000+ fans and counting, it,s a great place for fellowship and witnessing to the athiests!

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