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Childish Rhymes
Posted On 10/29/2009 15:48:48 by Supergirl

Childish Rhymes

There are some things no one speaks of.
They are pushed aside, hidden in the dim lit prisons.
Those which claim our life,
They’ve become our strongholds, our grieving fight.
It’s the things we compile.
It’s those things we leave in denial.
She’s wrong.
He’s right.
It’s the bonds of ignorance,
But there’s one who saw it all even before this.

Each solemn tear that’s fallen;
Every person whose hands and knees are torn from crawlin’;
They haven’t gone through the toil in vain!
It’s the others who point fingers to place blame.
The ones who don’t see their sin is the same.
It’s all because of their prisons.
The place they’ve hidden all their sins,
But maybe they’ve forgotten.
In these prisons, He’s seen everything rotten.
He’s seen the ones they’ve pushed.
They’re the judge of others; not themselves.
They’re about in the realms,
And He’s been watching every act.
I guess they’ve ignored this fact.

These rhymes may seem childish,
And I bet they’re still looking for every blemish.
The wise will be brought low,
And they’ll certainly reap what they’ve sown.

Be careful for what you pray for,
And make sure the One told you to walk through that door.
Otherwise, you’ll hit the floor when you cast judgment upon others,
And be careful of the people you put on back burners.
Ignorance is far from bliss,
And it cares nothing about the truth revealed in this.
Maybe we should all analyze the passing times;
Maybe you should heed these so called,
Childish Rhymes”.

©2009 Jo Ann Cook

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