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Posted On 09/30/2009 20:40:53 by Supergirl



Tell me this-

Why do we partake in a false bliss?

Why do we willing walk into a pit,

Knowing the crime we commit?

The fire rages blue yet it’s chilling cold.

Ignoring the truth we’ve been told,

We act naïve about what unfolds.

We willingly walk into these lies,

And we rebuke everyone that tries.

For we know they speak the crystal truth,

But we seek for fault in them like a sleuth.

The lips of the innocent are forcefully sealed.

We push them far into the outfield.


Though every child has a flaw,

God is willing to forgive us for breaking the law.

God shows his grace and mercy,

But our pride leaves us stranded in weary.

Refusing to change the habits,

We run to-and-fro hastily as rabbits.

All the tears should make us worry.

The reality that God may bring about His furry,

Yet we’ve turned our heart to stone.

We believe we can stand alone.

Flawed is our mentality!

Sinners whose love is worldly!


What shall happen when we are before God?

Will He call you a fraud?

Or will He call you a friend?

Don’t wait until the week's end;

Faster than lightening, it’ll occur in a moment.

So, what will you hear from God at judgment?


©2009 Jo Ann Cook

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09/30/2009 21:26:05

 Thank you!

iceburg wrote:

Very good, you are gifted.

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