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Dominating, With Class
Posted On 09/24/2009 23:04:59 by BibleRhymes

Every child with a good upbringing is taught something as they are growing up; don't take advantage of the weak. Every adult with a moral conscience has learned that lesson and taken it to heart.

If you look out at nature (which is often a beneficial exercise when trying to understand people) you can see animal instincts in action. Survival of the fittest has been the determining factor of what species of animals, plants and insects thrive on this world.

When lions go out for dinner they are not unlike people. There is a reason that McDonald's and Pizza Hut's can be seen across the globe; people don't always enjoy working very hard to get their meals. For that same reason lions don't pick the lead bull in a herd of water-buffalo when they're deciding on what to eat; instead calves are a much more tempting  offer.

When animal instincts are in action; taking advantage of the weak is the common way of life. What differentiates people from animals? Our spiritual nature...

In the world we live in there are people from all walks of life. But regardless of our backgrounds each of us has the opportunity to go through the same journey. This journey is a spiritual evolution. And by the time a person has taken their first breath as a baby, their journey has already begun.

Even if parents are willing and capable of teaching their children all of the admirable manners imaginable, when their children are babies there will almost undeniably be crying, whining and screaming as the children instinctually bellow out for attention and food. Now contemplate what would happen if these animal instincts are never overcome through spiritual development.

We can be taught the difference between right and wrong. Little boys can learn at a young age not to push little girls. All kids can be told not to pick on the disabled. Properly raised young men know to open doors and carry groceries for ladies and the elderly. These lessons are taught because people know it's not only good to not take advantage of the weak (or less able) but also to help them.

And as children are learning these lessons and becoming more aware of the world around them, the society they are blossoming in, their spirit has the opportunity to be continuously developing. And if their spiritual side is alive and functioning then as the saying goes, "Let your conscience be your guide."

As we are on this journey, this evolution, deep in our guts we know what's right and wrong. We know when it's time to help people. We know when it would be wrong to take advantage of our strengths. And this leads me to point out a young man that deserves recognition for a wonderful gesture he displayed on the football field.

Thamail Morgan
had the ball and the chance to score a guaranteed touchdown. Instead he graciously chose to take a knee and let the clock wind down. Representing his teammates well and showing class, he didn't want to humiliate their weaker opponents.

The opposing team was made up of a combination of students from two smaller, rural schools. And not only were they undermanned to begin with but they were dealing with the tragic loss of, I believe, five of their teammates who'd been in an accident. Only four of the boys survived.

Thamail's team knew the situation going in and the way he ended the game speaks volumes, not only for himself but for his coaches and teammates as well. His team, Cave City in Arkansas, deserves credit and mention. Though their rugged animal nature allowed for them to easily win the game, their spiritually developed sides allowed them to do it with class.

Let them be a lesson for all of us.

kenneth w.


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