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the job search
Posted On 09/03/2009 01:19:02 by WildCuchulain

So I have to begin a job search tomorrow. The hitch is i dont drive, therefore I am limited to what I can walk to. My parents tell me I cant rely on them for everything forever and I dont nor do I plan to. I need to have faith that with persistence I can come across any hiring option and then the manager will look at me and automatically know I'm meant for whatever the job is. I'm asking God to bless my search so I can finally become independent. For a 20 year old, almost 21 - I have alot of growing up to do. I cant sit around forever and hope for a job to knock on my door. I need to get a job, save, get a drivers license, get a car, find an apartment...this might take a while .

I think its natural to be intimidated by growng up and the prospect of independence because then your self relient. But I keep forgetting that its not just me, its also relying on God. Its funny how its easy to not remember that when He provides for us in crazy, creative ways we tend to not notice.

So God, please help me with this because I cant live in my parents house forever. I will be 21 in one month and dont have any of my ducks in a line, so please bless this.

I was becoming a CNA but messed up the course and now Im back at square one. Now I have learned from my mistakes because I cannot afford to mess up.

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