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Church Growth
Posted On 07/08/2009 17:30:03 by huddlm

I have been attending the same church for 7 years now and it has not grown in membership.  We have people come and fellowship w/us. My Pastor has even baptized some of those visitors who we thought were going to become members but in turn they did not.  My Pastor stated the church will not grow until we grow spiritually.  I'm a little confused about that statement because I see other Apostolic churches growing and I don't think everyone in those churches are spiritually mature.  I sit and wonder what can I do to help the growth of the church. I invite folks out and some have came.  I think one problem w/my church is that we do not offer any services for children nor young adults. Even my children are known to sleep in church because they find it boring.  Jesus...I'm just feeling so bummed out about it.  My husband's mentor told him that if a church is not growing then we should move to another one.  What are we waiting for? We don't know.  I praying for growth and that we will eventually start a ministry geared toward children & young adults.  

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