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Lies of the Serpent: natural immortality, a burning Hell...
Posted On 08/19/2008 01:42:48 by PastorZomok

I am concerned about the prevalence of both false doctrines and counterfeit revivals and these being treated as orthodox.  We need to have many reformations in many churches!  Where does false doctrine come from and who first started it?  Well I think the Bible gives a few hints with the saga of Adam and Eve. If we go back to Genesis chapter 2 we see God giving Adam correct doctrine. Verse 17 says,

 "You must not eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, for on the day you eat from it you will certainly die!"

God has warned Adam that a decay would set in both morally and physically, leading toward death, if he was not obediant. God is Holy and wants his creatures to do what he intends for them to do. Now a little later in time we see Eve being tempted by Satan, represented as a serpent.  Satan is giving her false doctrine.  In Genesis 3:4-5,  he says,

"No! You will not DIE, in fact, God knows that when you eat it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.." 

Here Satan is giving Eve twisted and false doctrine, actually a half truth.  Adam and Eve would have an eye opening experience indeed!...but the road to Death would be their new path, after eating the forbidden fruit. We can see how Satans doctrine or teaching is contrary to Gods.  And, as it is today, it usually is a mix of truth with falsehoods.  This is the modus operandi of Satan (the Adversary).  Entice the valnerable with something shiny or attractive and make the capture.

Today we see many hucksters leading false spiritual movements and we also see many unsound doctrines taught by ministers.  Some of the ministers are good men who themselves have been led astray on some issues, but theres some who know what they are doing is wrong and have much to answer for.  Let me list and discuss several false doctrines and counterfeit revivals----

1.)Inherent Immortality.  Notice how this idea started right in the Garden of Paradise.  Adam was told the truth by God.  He was conditionally immortal through obediance; not his own power! Due to the infection of sin, all people die and go to their grave!  They don't prance around in the spirit world alive!  When Jesus was on the way to raise Lazarus he told the disciples that Lazarus was sleeping in the grave.  I've already wrote a fair blog on that.  Satan is the one who first taught men that they would not die. And thats where the doctrine of immortality of the Soul started. It is a satanic lie.

2.)Eternal Hell of endless suffering-- Here is yet another false teaching that has stemmed (at least in part) from the Garden of Eden.  John 3:16..etc.. plainly teaches that only the believers in Jesus receive Eternal Life.  The others get death.  Thats the reason the Bible teaches that "wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23).  In order for the damned to suffer forever they would have to have Eternal life also!  It is only in parables and symbols can one get anything like an eternal Hell doctrine.  (I should note here that the parable of the Rich man and Lazarus is actually about the rich pharisees that Jesus was disputing with and the Gentiles.  The Jews at that time were the small remnant of Israel left in the land but they were going to lose favor with God very soon and the Gentiles would receive the Covenant.  This parable has nothing to do with a burning Hell).

Theres also some counterfeit revivals out there and these use the same trickery that Satan used in the Garden. As to not bore and sound long-winded I will list but one.

1.)The Todd Bentley debacle--- This is a counterfeit revival, in Lakeland, Forida.  Mr. Bentley is on stage useing various theatrics and theres also fake healings.  Just the antics alone of this person should be a clue that its all wrong. Its shameful. It seems that none of the healings are real.  A few medical doctor reports are ambiguous at best.  I should add that almost none of reported healings at any revival meeting is genuine.  Its an act and other times wishful thinking!  Besides the loud mouth theatrics and goofy behavior on stage, the power of suggestion is used, sometimes with music mixed in.  These things, together, may trick and convince those of a less mature mindset.  Mesmerism is also used.  I won't bore you by beating the drum too long.  Hank Hanegraaff has wrote an excellent book titled, Counterfeit Revival.  He goes into great detail on the methods used by these people.

Thanks for reading,

Pastor SteveZ.  

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