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Family Reconciliation At Last
Posted On 06/13/2008 16:23:05 by phoenix_rick

Hello folks!

Its been a while since i've last blogged, but nothing interesting has been going on until now!

After about eight years of simmering problems and resentments, I actually reconciled issues with my own brother!  He lives in Detroit (and I live in Phoenix), and our differences started with, of all things, our spirituality - which is why I write this blog.

You see, we were raised Catholic - he became very very devout in his Catholic faith, and I converted to a Protestant denomination.  And, lo and behold, that is where our problems started.  For eight years we actually argued over the same differences between faiths that have often divided entire nations.

But this past week I learned an important lesson, and I want to share it with you:  Our personal connection with God is not to be used as an excuse to divide us and cause strife!  It amazes me that people, like myself and my brother, can take a beautiful thing like our Faith and turn it into a wedge between relationships.

Christians must unite!  We need to put aside minor differences in doctrine, or at least keep them in proper perspective, and understand that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  To act otherwise is to do disservice to each other and to God. 

If my brother and I can learn this, anyone can! 

Take care



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