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Changing Your Life
Posted On 04/03/2008 20:29:06 by phoenix_rick
A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. —Proverbs 16:9


That's my Bible quote of the day.  I spotted it at the "Our Daily Bread" website in today's devotional, and it really spoke to my emotional state today.


As usual, I have numerous important decisions coming up in the next few months, which will have a big impact on my life and future:  My apartment lease is coming due, shall I move?  My job contract is coming due.  Shall I change jobs, or bargain to stay where I am at now?  My family in NY wants me to visit.  Shall I dedicate the money to fly out, or save up now and go next year?  etc, etc.


Having big decisions always coming my way used to really get me depressed.  I used to feel like I would make the wrong decision, no matter what I decided!


However, when I got saved, all of that changed!  I trained myself to trust in the Lord for all of my big decisions.  I pray and meditate on ALL of these things now.  I sleep on it, pray some more, and then, finally, I make the decision that is spoken to my heart.


By relying on the Lord to direct my steps, I am much happier, and feel much more secure - I know that, come what may, the decision I made is part of His plan!  No more stressing on "what if...", "if only..." and other stress-traps! 


Try it out!  I guarantee a happier life if you put it to practice!


Take care,



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