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Legalism 101
Posted On 10/27/2007 22:20:14 by Eliyah

Why do they call us legalists?

Here is a great read on Legalism, when the term was first coined, etc...


I am curious would these same people that slander us with being "legalists" say the same to ha Torah Mashiyach Yeshua and HIS original taught ones. I am afraid that these same people that reject Torah, would also reject the original ha Torah Mashiyach, and say the same evil things of HIS original Torah observant followers. Oh how backwards the so called "churches" have become. It would seem that the so called "churches" are actually teaching another gospel and preaching another je-zeus who was made in their own image, the image of man. These same organizations have also taken it upon themselves to place themselves above YHVH and change HIS Appointed Times and Shabbat. Do you know of anyone else that wanted to be above YHVH and teach people to rebell??? I will give you a clue. his name is lucifer, ha satan, the devil, serpent, dragon, father of lies, murderer from the beginning, etc... This fallen one has been in rebellion and been teaching many to do the same.

It is time to teshuva/repent and seek YHVH with the whole heart, mind, and strength!!!

It is time to stop listening to the hireling pastors of babylon!!!

It is time to get back to the Teachings and Words of Yeshua, which is the upholding of Torah!!!

YHVH is calling you and yours out of babylon today!!! Will you heed the calling??? The choice is yours, only ha Torah Mashiyach can set you FREE and bring you back to the relationship with YHVH.


Eliyah Ben Yisrael


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