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Temple Thoughts
Posted On 06/01/2018 00:15:00 by PastorZomok

In listening to some of the enthusiasm about events in modern Jewish Israel, I feel that many folks are trodding down a muddy path and wearing blinders.  Some are seemingly delighted in the idea of a new temple being built, on the old temple mount, as if this is a good thing.  And sometimes they even speak of the reinstitution of the old sacrificial system.  The problem is clear that this is an affront to God... Read More

Christ: The Shekinah Glory.
Posted On 03/27/2011 13:44:11 by PastorZomok

"He is the Radiance of the Glory of God......" (Hebrews 1:3)

In a recent blog/essay I indicated that Jesus is the true bread from heaven (John 6:35-51) and the shewbread within the ancient wilderness tabernacle points to him.  I have also indicated several times that the whole wilderness tabernacle and the various furnishings point to various aspects of the later New Covenant and the Messiah Jesus Christ (ou... Read More

When did the Church begin?
Posted On 09/01/2010 23:36:59 by PastorZomok

Sometimes I am asked about the beginning of the church.  When did the true church begin?  This really depends on what is meant by "church".  If one is talking about the many churches and their organizational bodies and creeds, then the many historical churches come after the time of Christ and are to different degrees rooted in the New Testament.  Christianity was wide spread by the time the book of Revelation was... Read More

No Biblical warrant for a rebuilt Temple
Posted On 08/25/2010 11:10:49 by PastorZomok

The great temple viewed by the apostles was truly a magnificent structure to look upon, from the Mount of Olives.  In Matthew 24, Jesus predicted its soon destruction, and the generation living at the time of the apostles would witness the fall.  This took place in 70 AD some 40 years later. It is interesting to note that almost no record exists of any christian converts being killed by the Roman attack.  Interest... Read More

Posted On 04/21/2009 21:35:23 by ricoel



LK 24:39

Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself:

handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones,

as ye see me have.

... Read More

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