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Seeds and growth
Posted On 04/01/2018 22:53:48 by PastorZomok

Happy Easter. I am alone and going to work in several hours. It has been very depressing for me lately with several let downs but feel better by fasting for a few days now, which I will continue until Tuesday night. Yes it is the Easter season and the early church offered an alternate to the pagan feasts of Romans and t... Read More

Bless your fellows believers..
Posted On 07/13/2017 21:52:24 by PastorZomok


Genesis 12:3 tells us that God will bless those that bless Abraham and his people, and curse those that curse Abraham but generally when I hear this scripture recited it is on the radio and someone is applying it to some of of the poor Jews in modern Israel as if it is for them exclusively. They mean well in doing this but they may be looking at only a small portion of the picture. ... Read More

Posted On 04/08/2017 19:23:57 by ChristnMe


Who will know if you fail or succeed with a Godly vision and purpose? Many will say God will know and where this is an obvious answer to this; this real person who will know if you have been accountable to your goals; is you. We are our hardest and self-inflicting critic in all that we do. Now, some may say; nothing bothers them especially when they fail or don’t meet an expectation; but the reality is, your body, mind, a... Read More

Just a tiny amount can do a lot.
Posted On 02/27/2014 13:19:09 by PastorZomok

The kingdom Expansion
Posted On 03/17/2011 03:56:20 by PastorZomok

"...The stone that struck the statue became a great mountain and covered the whole earth..." (Daniel 2:35)

Many of us know about the dream of king Nebie found in Daniel 2, and how it symbolically illustrates future history from about 600 BC to much later.  The king seen a statue in his night vision and Daniel interpreted it.  The head of Gold was the Babylonian Empire, the chest and arms, of Silver, rep... Read More

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