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Letter to the Faithful - Ber a Doer !
Posted On 04/03/2017 20:00:06 by ChristnMe

Be a doer for Christ’s sake! For He was also was a doer of the Word and of the Kingdom. And we are His imitators and dispensers of God’s Glory. Christ never stood on His birthright and indivisibility of the Trinity but with all surrender gave His body, mind, and spirit for our sake. He did for us what we failed to do for ourselves and made us of adoption into God’s Kingdom with the promises of Salvation’s immunity from the curse of death and its sentence. Christ is our example of the... Read More

Mrs. Santa installs special seat belt on Santa's sleigh
Posted On 12/04/2011 18:04:58 by kidcool4jesus

Mrs. Santa installs special seat

belt on Santa’s sleigh


By Greg Miller


Millions of people around the world looked at Santa as the supreme Christmas icon.


Santa, however, reserved the top spot in his big-as-Christmas heart for Jesus Christ, the reason for the season.


Both Santa and his wife, Mrs. Santa, favored Christmas as their holiday of choice. Also, both realized that without the birth of the Christ-child... Read More

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